Reviews – Weaving with Echo and Iris

“My copy arrived yesterday. I had seen it previously, page by page, as I assisted Marg Coe in editing the English version. That’s nothing, tho, compared to seeing the whole book put together. What a gorgeous book! Congratulations, Marian–and thanks for doing this. Information on many of the design techniques you cover can’t be found elsewhere. And even where information exists, it’s not pulled together into a coherent whole as you have done in this book. The weaving community owes you a debt of gratitude for undertaking this work.” – Ruth Blau

“I am enjoying your beautiful book, and I just wanted you to know I think it’s a wonderful production. The diagrams are so clear, the photos are gorgeous, and the information is very complete. Thank you for adding this reference to the weaving literature. It will be valuable to weavers for generations to come!” – Alice Schlein

“I came home last night to find the book waiting on my doorstep. I was excited to receive it, but overwhelmed when I opened the box and saw the book. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful publications I’ve ever seen. I just started paging through it and was astonished at the production – the page edges for each chapter, the clarity of the photos, even the quality of the paper. And the content!! I cannot wait to get involved with the text. Bless you for tackling exactly the topics that are of greatest interest to me in weaving, and doing it so well. In grateful appreciation, – Shelly”

“Weaving with Echo and Iris arrived in Australia today! It is an absolute GORGEOUS book…. I am “drooling” over it and can’t wait to get some echo weave on my looms now…. Thanks Marian for such a fantastic job.” – Ursula

“O.M.G. My copy just arrived. It is FABULOUS!!! I am just drooling. I have much to learn! When your head is about to explode reading this detailed book, then it’s good to just flip through the gorgeous photos. 🙂 Well done, Marian! This is going to be fun!”

“Just got my new book and absolutely love it!! Thank You soooo much Marian Stubenitsky for sharing and putting your knowledge into print!!” – Linda

“The gorgeous Echo and Iris book finally made it to the wilds of Western Washington today. Thank goodness the weather is dry and I didn’t have to worry about it getting wet in our rural mailbox. I plan on spending the day dreaming and planning some fantastic projects!” – Mary

“Just received my copy of Weaving with Echo and Iris and I am in love!”

“My copy of Weaving with Echo and Iris arrived today.  I started reading it immediately.  It’s gorgeous and written in a clear manner for understanding how to make echo drafts and compose network drafts.  The color printing is stunning.  Thanks Marian for all your hard work.  Thanks also to the others who helped with the weaving and publication editing and proofing.” – Sue

“I’m so glad I ordered a copy of your book!  It arrived yesterday and it’s beautiful – the glow of some of the weavings is wonderful.  I wanted to comment also on how beautiful & evocative the title is in English – the feeling of the language reflects the feeling of the weavings, and the rhythm of the title in English is very pleasing. Thank you! ” – Anne

“Marian, it’s been hard to put my eyeballs back in my head to let you know your lovely book arrived today – they’ve been popping out for the last hour (or two). I have to tell you I especially love that edge-of-page treatment! This is just grand, and I can see I’ll be dusting off my Louet 24 shaft Magic dobby peg loom very soon…oh boy oh boy oh boy…” – Debbie

“It arrived this morning. Marian Stubenitsky’s ” Weaving with Echo and Iris”. What an amazing book! If I could have only one book, this would be it; it is easily the best weaving book I have ever seen and, having skimmed it, I would gladly have paid a lot more. Now that I have a pretty good grasp of network drafting and the photoshop lift plan designing, I can see this book being my bible for the next year – it will take at least that to even begin to do it justice.” – Mike

“Marian, this book is absolutely gorgeous and a real treasure. Thank you so much for all your work. I have been working a bit with echo referencing ideas from various articles but it is so great to have all this information in one place.” – Linda

“Marian – I agree with the accolades your book is receiving. I am so thrilled to see so much for four-shaft looms. Great job!” – Robyn

“This is a wonderful book. It has been open on the table since I received it last week. I love looking at it and learning from it whenever I pass by.” – Judy

“Thank you for producing such a beautiful book! I have only begun studying, but I’m quite optimistic that with your tutoring, I am likely to ‘get it’. If nothing else, the beauty of the pages keeps me trying.” -Kati