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Online Courses
Learning to design with the weaving program WinWeef, one of the tools of our time, which allows us to design original weavings with a variety of structures. Each course starts with a free lesson in which tricks of working with WinWeef are taught, which are necessary for the follow-up lessons. The Demo version of WinWeef can be used for the courses.

De online courses

sample picture course WinWeef for beginners

WinWeef for beginners

€ 60.00

Start time: follows

A course of 5 lessons for weavers who do not yet use all the possibilities of the WinWeef weaving program.

For not yet experienced users of the weaving program WinWeef a course of 5 lessons. In the first lesson, all actions and tricks are taught to enjoy working with WinWeef. In four follow-up lessons we will discuss the many possibilities to make original designs yourself in different weaving techniques.
The demo version of WinWeef can be used.

sample picture course

WinWeef for Echo & Iris

€ 60.00

Start time: follows

Designs for weavings with echo or parallel threadings. Iridescent weaves, double weaves, especially very colorful weaves.

A course in weave design with parallel threadings, also called echo threadings. WinWeef is ideally suited for adding echoes from a design line, literally in a few mouse clicks. Coloring the threads, drawing treadlings and tie-ups, it all goes just as fast. A number of topics from the book are covered in the lessons, and after this course the book Weaving with Echo and Iris is just a piece of cake.

sample picture course WinWeef for Stubenitsky Code

WinWeef for Stubenitsky Code

€ 60.00

Start time: follows

Designing with WinWeef for rich patterns with just one tie shaft, e.g., twill and basket weave. And much more.

Different weaving structures with a threading with only 1 binding shaft are discussed. To start with, the different effects of twill and basket designs, which produce beautiful, damask-like fabrics with relatively few shafts. The proportions between the tie and pattern threads create different weaves with fascinating structures.

sample picture course WinWeef for Double with a Twist

WinWeef for Double with a Twist

€ 60.00

Start time: follows

WinWeef for the different design methods for Deflected Double Weave.

Deflected Double Weaves can be designed in many different ways. Starting from a profile for overshot, for example, a completely different design is created than starting from a profile for crackle. For the course, a choice is made from the many options and ways as described in the book Double with a Twist.

sample picture course WinWeef for Double Weave

WinWeef for Double Weave

€ 60.00

Start time: follows

Designing different methods for Double Weave with WinWeef.

There are many types of double weave, and just as many ways to design them. A great adventure, relatively easy to realize with a tool like WinWeef.

Each course includes 5 lessons of 2 hours. The first is free because it is a lesson in which the program WinWeef and its convenient use is discussed. The lessons are given with Zoom, so that you can follow step by step how the design processes work. The lessons can be followed with the Demo version of WinWeef. Even weavers who have a different program can apply the actions with their own program.

Keep an eye on the website for more information or leave your name and e-mail on the contact form, then you will automatically receive a message from us when the online courses start.