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Photos: Anita Kooistra


Weaving Max8

MAX8, the new book by Marian Stubenitsky, is about weavings with, as the name says, a maximum of 8 shafts. The first books in this series had a theme; they were about a subfield of weaving. This issue covers a wide variety of topics. What they have in common is that the number of shafts is limited, although it can also be interesting for people who weave on more than 8 shafts.
Price: € 45,00

Janna weaves

Janna van Ledden-Valk started weaving in 2011 and in the years that followed, she has managed to build a reputation for the originality, quality and sublime color choice of her scarves. Through social media she became known worldwide. Increasingly, admirers began to ask her to reveal the patterns of her designs.
Price: € 45.00


This is an in-depth study into all possible forms of deflected double weave, with different design methods.
Price: € 47.50

Stubenitsky Code

It is about weavings with only one tie shaft.
Price: € 45.00

Weaving on three shafts

This book is reprinted! Renewed edition in full color, bilingual in Dutch and English, sewn and bound in hard cover.
Price: € 40.00

Weaving with Echo and Iris

A book about weaving, explaining many different weaves that can be made in echo- or parallel threading. A unique project, never published as a book before.
Price: € 47.50