cover Double with a Twist Marian Stubenitsky


That is the name of the latest release by Marian Stubenitsky.
A book about deflected double weave is not yet available.
This is an in-depth study into all possible forms of deflected double weave, with different design methods.
It is full of projects for 4 to 24 shafts, the majority for 8 shafts.
Richly illustrated. Professionally designed, sewn and bound in hardback, 240 pages, full color.
It is bilingual in Dutch and English. Read more

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Stubenitsky Code

That is the name of the new book by Marian Stubenitsky. It is about weavings with only one tie shaft.

The principle was already discovered by Marian Stubenitsky in 2001, and thereafter developed to twill-and-basket weavings that give the possibility for bigger patterns, even on relatively few shafts. Other weavings are also presented on 4, 8 up to 32 shafts offering a range of structures: in addition to twill and basket weave also huck, seven structures in one weaving, moiré type effects, deflected double weave and related structures.

Everything is described and provided with drawdowns and photo’s.

The book is beautifully designed in full color with a hardcover binding and has approximately 200 pages. Read more

Look at the Errata of the book Stubenitsky Code.


Voorkant boek Erica de Ruiter

Weaving on three shafts by Erica de Ruiter

Renewed and extended edition in full color, bilingual in Dutch and English.

A forty year research on weaving with three shafts.
Loom controlled weaves as well as pick-up techniques. Twill, huck, M’s and O’s, honeycomb, thick and thin, padded weave, Krokbragd, supplementary warps, block weaves, color-and-weave, and much more.
The book contains traditional weavings and structures for weavers of all levels… Read more





Weaving with Echo and Iris

A new book of weaving, explaining many different weaves that can be made in echo- or parallel threading. A unique project, never before published as a book. Colorful weave structures that can be woven with parallel threading, starting from a design line. The weavings are for 4, 8, 12, 16, 24 en 32 schafts. Shadow, moiré… Read more


Look at the Errata of the book Weaving with Echo and Iris.

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