About me

About me

Example of a loom with many shafts

I've been weaving
since 1967 and teach weaving courses
from 1973

I am interested in structures, yarns, but especially in colors in weaving.

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Most of all I enjoy investigating new possibilities. Throughout the years my favorite objects have been optical illusions, double weave, fabrics with three-dimensional effects, iridescence.

The weaving program that my eldest son, Hans Engelkamp, wrote for me back in 1988, opened up a whole new world for me with a choice of far more colors than you can find in any well-stocked box of crayons. Ever since I create all my designs in more and more advanced weaving programs.

I am for the most part an autodidact, but I did follow the executives course by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Social work, in order to be officially allowed to teach weaving in creativity centers.

Gladly and very often I teach different areas of the art of weaving in my studio, and for that goal I also travel throughout the country. Furthermore I give lectures on various subjects of weaving.

Marian Stubenitsky

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